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Virtual Exhibits

Get the maximum return from your investment , as an online virtual exhibitor.

Interactive 360-degree experience.

Attendees will navigate the space and interact with your content in strategic locations.

Virtual Exhibits are immersive, experiential, and typically self-guided. Many show organizers have pivoted to virtual shows as an alternative to live shows during the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual exhibits allow you to connect with potential clients in a virtual space, often in real-time, and share product literature, videos, surveys, chat, social media links, and presentations.

Show Sample Virtual Site
10x20 UAD A EA2-2
Unique Virtual Site Solution 

Our Virtual Exhibit packages give online trade show attendees quick access to all of your relevant content in one place. Just like your live exhibit property, it is designed to engage your customers, and the media so that they can quickly learn about your products and services.

Our experience is entirely browser-based. Attendees can view on many different devices with no need to download anything.

What do you get with a Virtual exhibit package from Unique?

Pick a booth size you always wanted

Keep your corporate image the same for virtual and live events


Video presentations on screen

Popup video 

On-Line Chat 

Social Media links

Lead contact fill in form

Ask for more information form

Download product literature

Direct e-mail product literature

Show landing page layout materials


Plan a Zoom meeting

Introduce New products-password protected if needed

Dedicated product Demo in 3-D

Add power point presentations to screens

Click analytics options

Add Surveys

Unique is offering our interactive virtual exhibit experiences. Call Now!

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