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Our 101 Hand Sanitizer Wipes Dispenser is ready to place anywhere. Just purchase your hand wipes and add to stand. Wipes are not included.

Hand Sanitizer 101

    • Hand Sanitizer Wipes Dispenser
      • Fits wipes containers up to a 4-1/4" Diameter
      • Attaches to top of upright with knob
      • Ideal for us as sanitizing wipe dispenser floor stand
    • 44" High x 1" diameter aluminum upright, in 2 sections
      • Swage and spring button construction
      • Silver
    • 12" Square x 1/8" Thick steel base
      • Felt pads on bottom
      • Silver Texture powder coated
    • Wall mount wipe dispenser includes mounting hardware for sheetrock walls
    • Can be used with any brand of wipes
    • Durable metal construction - Top made from powder coated steel
    • Compact packout
    • Floor standing wipe dispensing stand available with graphic signholder frame
    • US Made wipes floor stand and wall mount sanitary wipe dispenser ship fast

    Hand Sanitizer Wipes Dispenser are not included

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