D2 Surface Sanitizing Heavy Duty Wipes, 90 Wipes Perfect for  keeping at emplyee desks and  client welcome areas.  D2 Surface Sanitizing Heavy Duty Wipes 90-count canisters (presaturated wipes for surface sanitizing). Size is 7.5-inches by 10-inches

D2 Surface Sanitizing Heavy Duty Wipes, 90 Wipes

  • Description

    Our D2 Surface Sanitizing Wipes are a ready-to-use, no-rinse, food-safe, lintless wiping system.  Able to clean and sanitize,  D2 Surface Sanitizing Wipes are available in either a 90 count canister (extra heavy duty wipes) or a 160 count canister for less industrial needs. As with all Best Sanitizers wiping systems, the spring-loaded lid closes on its own to prevent the drying of wipes, helping to eliminate unnecessary waste.


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