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Our Cash Shield 102- This is our premire style -includes 1 set of uprights and the plexi 3/16" at a six od 28"W x 22"H

Cash Shield 102

  • Countertop Protection Shield

    Tremendous flexibility for long counters or even individual work stations!

    Enhance customer and employee safety

    • Use any clear plastic from 0.060" to 3/16" thick
    • Full height or use the built in stop at 12" up for product pass through
    • No drilling required w/non-slip base options

    Base Options

    • Steel Clamp-On Base - Use included S knob to secure to countertops from 3/4" to 1-1/2" Thick
    • Racetrack base - Flat steel base 3" wide x 12" deep with non-skid, rounded front and back
    • 6-3/4" Round steel base w/double sided tape
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