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Our 103 -- Antibacterial Foam Soap 1.25-Liter, This1.25-Liter for use in our 101 & 102 Dispensors

103-1.25-Liter Refill – Antibacterial Foam Soap

  • Description

     Antimicrobial Foam Soap, SoftenSure Lotion Foam Soap (DFE Approved),  Lotion Foam Soap w/ Kiwi-Melon fragrance (DFE Approved) and  Antibacterial Foam Soap provide the user with a solution to any hand soap need.  Each 1250mL bottle will dispense over 1650 applications.  All our products will fit into both our automatic and manual  Hand Hygiene Dispensers, eliminating the need for heavy inventory without reducing any product options.

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