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Exhibitor Checklist

Plan your next event and make it a successful one....

Tradeshow pre-planning is one of the most common oversites a marketing manager can do.

In preparation for your upcoming event print out the PDF version of our checklist to ensure you have everything you need to have a successful show.



12 Months Out

• . Make a list on why you are  attending the show. 
• Evaluate the floor plan and traffic patterns to select a space.
• Understand the payment schedule, exhibit rules  and show management processes.

• Fill out space application and submit with deposit.

• Work up a budget sheet for the exhibition.


Six Months Out

• Review what you want to accomplish with the booth and space.
• Choose an exhibit house to handle your display rental or build.

• Work on designing your exhibit with your exhibit house.

• Put on your calendar your advertising opportunities, and plan the timing for these items.


Four Months Out

• Decide your staffing and make a staffing chart..
• .Make all necessary travel arrangements.
• Choose products to display in your booth.
• Determine what lead generation technique you will use at the show and order.
• Go over all the services you will need from your exhibit house and from the show site vendors.

• Finalize a floor plan and confirm traffic.
• Finalize your exhibit design.

• Start your advertising plan.


Three Months Out

• Review the exhibitor manual .
• Go over your floor plan checking for any restrictions and  research you target dates.

• Plan your presentations or demonstrations.

• Note any discount dates offered from your show provider.

• Choose your catering options.
• Submit your free advertising to the venue for the exhibitor guide.
• Send in your exhibitor-appointed contractor. (EAC).
• Set up your pre-show meeting with staff members.

Two Months Out

• Finalize a preview date with your exhibit house to review your exhibit.
• Finalize your graphics and send files to your output service.
• Order all badges for your staff.
• Order your lead forms and finalize the procedures for inquiries.
• Prepare the orders for all the services you need..
• Prepare the press kits or marketing E-Mail blasts.
• Verify reservations for your entire staff.


One Month Out

• Check on your shipments
• Check the schedule for installation and dismantling.
• Confirm who will be the supervisor on site for the install and dismantle.
• Follow up with vendors on the dates.
• Check on all literature going to show.
• Send out all materials to ensure they arrive on time.

• Hold the pre-show meeting.
• Arrange meetings during show times.
• Brief staff of the show procedures, demonstrations, and show specials.
• Make a binder with all important paperwork and bring with you to the show.

When your at the show site

• Check on all shipments and materials sent in.

• Locate the electrician and service area confirming all orders are on schedule and not delayed.
• Supervise the setup of the booth.
• Brief and train your staff .


During The Show

• Reserve a space for the following year.
• Meet with your staff daily.
• Arrange for booth dismantling.
• Make sure all outbound paperwork is filled out and handed into the show provider.

Close Of The Show

• Supervise dismantling of the booth.
• Conduct recap meeting with your staff.


After  Show

• Work with all leads.
• Send show emails to prospective client you met at the show.

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