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Double Deck 101-20x20

101-20x20 Double Deck 20x20  exhibit

Our 20x20  design combines the 9 x 9 deck with a wrap-around staircase to create a private oasis above the noise to spend time with those VIP clients. Downstairs, the two walls create a nice place for a theater or a casual meeting area. This is still a very open booth with plenty of space for 2 reception counters along the 2 open sides. There is a storage closet under the stair landing. Oversized 6’ wide Hyperlite signs act as billboards to draw attendees to your booth!

GBSavr includes structural truss system, stairs, wall frames and doors, rails, deck boards, lights, ceilings, 1/4” frosted plex rail infills, Hyperlite sign hardware, unprinted sintra infills and wall panels and 3 crates. Est. weight 5,000 pounds


Turnkey Package A:                                               44561.00
Turnkey Package B:                                               39585.50
Audio Visual:  Q3-40" LED screens w/media player                       1390.00
Graphics Package:   Q6- 39" x 95" panels                           5481.00
Furniture Package:                                                     0.00
Carpet:                                                                  1470.00
Padding:                                                                535.00

Remember:  All our Turnkey rentals include pull from stock,  Shipped to show warehouse,  set up on straight time, pack up on straight time and return shipping to unique warehouse. Our Package pricing is  based on locations- See Map

**Any install or dismantle that is required on Overtime will be quote as needed and will be additional fees.

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